Abandoned Playground

Danailya is a model I have known for a few years. We did a shoot together back in 2010. Since then, she has gone on to do many wonderful modeling projects. She is a talented fixture of the Edmonton modeling community now. I like to think that my photography has improved during that time, too.

We set out to shoot a playful set of photos using the red October sunset. Danny posed as a “happy professional office woman who has survived a disaster and is now out in the world without pants”. We shot this set in an abandoned playground east of the city. This sunset light looks warm but it was actually rather cool, only 10°C. Dani threw out pose after pose like a champion. She is a great model and an excellent human.

We nailed this shoot. My favorite is the portrait if Dani holding the swing chains and looking down. Danailya has several more posted on her Deviant Art page, but you may need a login to see them.