Photographer Nathan Smith – based in Halifax, Nova Scotia- email nathan@nsphoto.net.

Thank you for checking out my photos. I started in photography while shooting images for web sites I worked on when I was living in Nova Scotia. I spent more and more time learning, shooting and digitally editing pictures in Edmonton. After 10 years in Edmonton, I am back in Halifax.

I don’t think it’s possible to know all there is to know about photography – I regularly stumble upon a new photographic technique or practice being used by my photographer friends and contacts on the web. Learning, a life-long undertaking!


I shoot automotive, glamor, fine art, portraits, and events. I work hard to make images that jump off the page (or screen). It’s a great feeling to deliver images that make everyone excited!


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Nathan Smith on Flickr – Flickr is a huge reservoir of talent and inspiration. It’s a wonderful online community and it’s been a very useful site for me.
Facebook – Follow the Nathan Smith Photography Facebook Page to browse photo albums and see feedback from models, other photographers, and friends.
Nathan Smith at ModelMayhem – A fantastic site for photographers and models to meet, critique, and develop new opportunities.
Vistek – A great store for photography gear and advice. The team at Vistek is smart, clean and professional.


I am particularly passionate about making explosive, exciting photos of great-looking cars. Check my Automotive Portfolio and contact me if you’d like to arrange a shoot.

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